Our Story - Affleck And Company


Welcome to Our Perfect Chaos! As the parents of four, With two being a set of one year old twins, (gosh, that's still so weird to say) I have no idea how we manage to get all of what life throws our way done. Full time jobs, lots of kids, school, sports, you know, Parenthood!...but being creative is a passionate outlet. So we make the time to create special, solid works of art by hand. We pour love, sweat, laughter and tears (and paint) into each one of a kind piece of decor.

The E-Commerce platform is a very new addition to our routine. We started making decor for ourselves because of the rewarding feeling of sweat equity. Soon enough, we began to actually have people want to pay us for what we love to do! We have some of our things in local boutiques here in Tampa, but thought, "Why not try online to be able to display all of our creative pieces?" So...Here we are ETSY!!! Hope you appreciate our work.

Please feel free to reach out if there is something particular you would like and do not see. I'd be happy to help you achieve your vision.

Meet us behind the scenes on IG: @affleck11

Product Catalog IG: @Affleckandcompany
Website: affleckandcompany.com

For Wood Signs :
We begin by carefully selecting our wood. We cut, sand, and then prime and hand paint each piece. My handsome bearded other half also stains, frames and assembles each one securely with nails. We're a pretty great team. My littles are even known to pick up a paint brush.

Each piece has its own unique qualities within the wood and stained framed. These include the small knots, or dings that may be on certain pieces. I find charm in those little imperfections, it's what makes each one special. Signs can be displayed on a shelf or hung. Hanging hardware is included.

- Each Piece of Home Decor is Made to Order, therefore no two are alike.

-Custom Orders Welcome. Connect with me so we can dream it up.